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Explore the art of looking your best with the best in the business!

Modern Indian women have many responsibilities, from caring for their families to meeting working deadlines. Every woman needs an escape place and HairCafe is that place. HairCafe salons are an oasis of detoxification, rejuvenation and relaxation! Because when you look good, you feel good! 

HairCafe experts go beyond their routine efforts to provide the best services to our clients at the right time and at affordable prices. Every day of the week and every moment of the day! You can trust us for world class services.


With attention to detail, HairCafe offers you a number of options for providing proper care for your body, hair and skin. With our world class range of services for, hand and foot care, hair styling, make-up, hair texture, hair care, Face care, we guarantee you the “perfect” look of your dreams. Whether it’s customer satisfaction for everyone who enters the salon, or a beautiful interior that captures the excitement of every client, HairCafe has a passion for keeping up with the latest technologies and trends. 

Visit us for all your beauty needs. You can also make an appointment by filling out the form on our website or simply call us. Book now and get the best service in class!

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